Glutenfri Havregryn

In 2009 we started with gluten-free production. This includes gluten-free porridge, oat flakes and oat flour. In addition, we also make gluten-free millet flakes. We have over the years developed a very flexible production, and we are therefore able to handle the diverse requirements of the various products.

This means that we can supply organic gluten-free porridge, conventional gluten-free oats and gluten-free concept porridge – as well as providing gluten-free millet flakes, both in conventional and organic version.

All our gluten free oat and millet products are manufactured under such concept, that we can always track where it originates from. This means that our final products can be traced all the way to the farm.


At Dalby Mølle the following apply to the production of gluten-free products:

  1. Growers are selected very carefully
  2. Fields has not grown crops containing gluten in a year
  3. The raw material is checked in the field by an external controller
  4. There is a concept for the cleaning of harvesting machines
  5. After the harvest the raw material is controlled in the barn by an external controller
  6. The transport trucks are cleaned and guaranteed gluten-free
  7. The raw material is checked with us before unloading
  8. The raw material is controlled during processing
  9. The final product is controlled both by us and by external controller

If you have any special requests, we would like to explore what we can do to accommodate you.