Gl. Dalby Mølle

Dalby Mølle has existed since the 15th century when it served as a grain watermill for the farmers in the area. Around 1600, it was the king who owned the mill, and he fixed (leased) against the annual bracket tax of 20 “rigsdaler”. Later, after the last swedewar that ended in 1660, the mill was destroyed and then transferred to Haderslev’s district bailiff, who rebuilt the mill. From the mill’s foundation until the mid-1800s, Dalby’s peasants were forced to get their grain ground at Dalby Mølle. The current buildings date back from 1857 with renovations and additions in the 1980s.

In 1930 the production of the oatmeal began, and we have since expanded our product portfolio significantly. Today, the main part of the production consists of organic porridge oats to Denmark, Germany and Greenland, while products such as gluten-free oats and millet are increasingly produced.